Friday, December 23, 2011

Whats to come in 2012 and Poetry

I plan on regularly updating my blog once again starting this upcoming January. I'm making a commitment to hosting giveaways to help promote my studio and personal work - and this time not just 20$ gift certs to my etsy store. Actual paintings in your actual mailbox. Same rules as past events. Stay tuned for the next giveaway.

I've applied for a couple grants to get more supplies to allow for multiple artists to be working with me on collaborations and also to provide an accessible community of artists. This means no annual fees to join Greentuxudio - just a 7 dollar rate for an hour of lessons or 12 dollars for two hours. I'm open to negotiate for more discounts based upon buying bigger packages of time. For those of you interested in simply working in the studio and taking advantage of the space just send me a note and we'll work it out.

Finally I've developed a solid framework for just why such a studio might exist and this poem is a reflection of such:

I remember seeing it when I was young

There existed a mine with deposits of iridescent infinity

Veins of pearl wrap its infinite interior engaging contours and ravines

Climbers and their spectators frequent such earthbound beauty

Clutching stone between digits and gaining height by learning what is stable, what can support

What else will be held in these bones that grasp if not ledge and alcove

Will it be fear that grasps the marrow and spreads it’s viral influence?

A taste of both was enough to know joy, experience told

Knowledge exists of this place even as layers of events thicken with time’s merciless wax

Yet, bottling density became important for some reason

I labeled each jar to announce my cleverness

Resting on wooden shelves adding to my sense of security

Casually waiting to be unlocked by wisdom


Wisdom of flowing grape vapor and sunset impressions sealed away in a flame locked vessel

More I thought; more is better

Better did visit, but it too wanted more if it were to stay

Feeling trapped in fear and in attempt to ease my state of survival, I remembered the cave, the mine

My hands asked intimacy of the rock I had clung to once before

I resolved to open my ears to hints of the trail that would lead me there once more

And then I heard it; “simply detach, release…” said the words on paper

Quickly I turned my focus back to my shelves and decided to apply the suggestion

I let my fear subside and gently uncorked one of my jars to see what would happen

Aroma of the cave transpired and inspired vague direction

With each jar released the way came increasingly more apparent

Eager to see the climbers climb ivory speckled slopes I released them all

Coagulation of the different scents succeeded any compass I could have crafted to point to the cave

Body undisputed by mind I followed and found the cave once more

Just as it had been when I was young I saw the climbers climb

Calling out to the stone-bound silhouettes I asked for rope and was given all I needed to join

To this day I visit the cave daily – learning what is real and what is a ruse

Alongside friendly hands harnessing the same homeostasis I’d once known

And now would know eternally

Today peers look over my shoulder as I add pigment to paper


From where does this spring flow?

Smiling, I extend a poem but think

It must be their hands to uncork what they’ve bottled.

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