Friday, August 23, 2013

Benefits of Mixing it Up

Creative block hits all of us at some point.  Having close friends and family who can give you positive criticism can be advantageous only if you are willing to accept at least some of their advice.  More often than not, I spend my time gathering inspiration from the internet, movies, outings to the mall, and things I read but end up doing similar work that seems to be fairly central to my canon of production.  I was recently told by a family member to maybe try something without an emphasis on gold/warm glowing-tones and rather, try to do something cold and stark.  I've been thinking for the past few days about what cold and stark meant for my paintings and am getting ready to attempt something inside that territory.  Maybe you can try to mix things up yourself and try a different medium or style altogether.  We don't have to be identified with how we do things over time, so why not try to create something completely different?

In your creative process, maybe try to place yourself in the shoes of someone you know a reasonable amount about while asking the question; How would (insert name) create?

Most certainly you'll end up learning something new about your capabilities and maybe even break through a creative plateau.

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